Before I went into the studio to record my latest studio album, I invited people to let me in on how my music has had an effect on their lives and this is what they said...

“Man, if Colbie Caillat and Florence Welch had a love child…”
-Jared Holt

“Rule #1: Never break the heart of a writer. =] Love all that you’re accomplishing, Katrina!” – MaryCatherine Richmond

“I really just enjoy listening to you sing and play the guitar. Your music soothes my heart and mind because of its genuine beauty. The Lord has given you a gift and it keeps on giving!” – Kevin Daniel

“Your music’s just awesome! :) It’s just so raw and real that it moves people. I keep your CD in my car at all times, so when I just need to get away from all the craziness, I can put your CD in and listen to something that speaks from the heart. Add in the fact that the words come from you and the words God speaks to you, and that makes your music that much more special. I can’t wait to hear your new EP, and I hope to see you soon!” – Taylor McCollum

“Your music is absolutely amazing. Your words speak to so many people. I would like to thank you because there have been many times when I’ve went to your music for comfort and peace. I love how your music is relative to so many people; it’s like you know what we’re all going through. The human heart is a complicated thing, love is powerful, and the Lord is glorious. You capture all of that in some amazing words with an even more amazing voice. Keep up the good work! I’m looking forward to hearing and buying your new album.” – Nikki Davis

“Your music has helped strengthen my relationship with Christ. It has really brought me to the basics and shown me what love really is about.” – Clarissa Willerson

“God used you many times to encourage my faith. He Is Still God!” – Bro. Jamie Lay

“There are no words to express how great your music is. It helps me remember to go back to the basics and be thankful for our Lord. I love your music and you!” – Josh Jones

“ Katrina ballerina, I have had the great joy of watching you grow through your music. You have found yourself through it. You share and give of yourself through it. It’s how you communicate. It’s a gift. You use all you have in yourself. You lift your voice in joyous praise and you bare your soul and reveal your breaking heart moments. Your voice is hauntingly beautiful. It calls out. Begging anyone to hear, anyone to listen, anyone to see. Really see. Really understand. It’s cryin out to be heard. To be loved. I love hearing your heart. Every time you sing, you pour every piece of yourself into that one moment. It’s such a bold risk. I’m so proud of you for taking it. Katrina, I believe that god is working through you and your music. I believe that he will continue to do so. And I believe that when he looks at you he is so proud of his beautiful daughter. He is so pleased. He favors you. And I know that he adores you and has every good and perfect gift for you. I am so excited about the thjngs he is working to accomplish in your life.” – Vandi Enzor